To emerge as a center of excellence in the tristate region by providing quality teaching, diagnostic practices and research services in the field of pathology.


  • To provide high quality education to undergraduate medical students who can perform simple bed side tests and also the postgraduates by training them in various specialized diagnostic skills.
  • To produce skilled pathologists who will be helpful to the community.
  • To encourage the budding pathologists to get involved in various research projects.

Under Graduate Teaching


To provide the student a comprehensive knowledge of etiology, pathogenesis and pathology of diseases in order to achieve complete understanding of the natural history, clinical manifestations and laboratory diagnosis of disease.


The student should  be able to:

  • Describe the structure and ultra structure of a sick cell, mechanisms of cell degeneration, cell death and repair and be able to correlate structural and functional alterations.
  • Explain the pathophysiological processes which govern the maintenance of homeostasis, mechanisms of their disturbance and the morphological and clinical manifestations associated with it.
  • Describe the mechanisms and patterns of tissue response to injury to appreciate the pathophysiology of disease processes and their clinical manifestations.
  • Correlate the gross and microscopic alterations of different organ systems in common diseases to the extent needed to understand the disease processes and their clinical significance.
  • Develop an understanding to neoplastic change in the body in order to appreciate need for early diagnosis and further management of neoplasia.
  • Understand the mechanisms of common hematological disorders and develop a logical approach in their diagnosis and management.

At the end of training the student shall be able to integrate the causes and mechanisms of disease most prevalent in India with their natural history for the understating of their clinical course and diagnosis.

Post Graduate Teaching


To produce a competent and a confident pathologist.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


The student should be able to:

  • Understand biochemical/physiological disturbances that occur as a result of disease.
  • Describe the rationale and principles of technical procedures of the diagnostic laboratory tests and interpretation of the results.
  • Perform the simple bed-side tests on blood, urine and other biological fluid sample.
  • Draw a rational scheme of investigations aimed at diagnosing and managing the cases of common  disorders.
  • Recognize morbid anatomical and histopathological changes for the diagnosis of diseases and also the clinical autopsy studies
  • To be a competent teacher and trainer for under graduate students and other allied branch students like laboratory technology students and the nursing students.
  • To be research oriented pathologist.


Name Designation
Dr. Uday Kumar S Professor & HOD
Dr. Raja Ram Professor
Dr. Swethadri G K Professor
Dr. Arathi C A Professor
Dr. Anupama Associate Professor
Dr. Nirmala M J Associate Professor
Dr. Kumaragur B N Associate Professor
Dr. Y J Viswanatha Reddy Assistant Professor
Dr. Prashanth R Assistant Professor
Dr. Divyashree B N Assistant Professor
Dr. Siva Deepthi Assistant Professor
Dr. S Anusha PG Tutor
Dr. Shahanuma Shaik PG Tutor
Dr. V Subhashini PG Tutor
Dr. Akshatha B PG Tutor
Musale Madhavi O PG Tutor
Dr. Saranya Sankar PG Tutor
Dr. N Hari Priya PG Tutor
Dr. Noor Afsan PG Tutor
Dr. Santhi Priya PG Tutor
Dr. Dedeepya M PG Tutor