Emergency Medicine


Improve health care outcome for the patient and to create excellent emergency physicians for the society.


Our mission is to be preeminent department of Emergency Medicine in the country by delivering healthcare to patients needing emergency services, conducting ground breaking research that enhances public health; developing innovative educational programs at all levels of health care.


Provide emergency patient care and training

  1. Provide 24 x 7 emergency services to all the patients brought to ER in agony to sustain life and relieve suffering by giving adequate and timely resuscitation.
  2. To train faculty and ER team to meet the demands of MASS CASUALTY & DISASTERS MANAGEMENTS
  3. Training of UG students, Interns, EM Technicians and PG students with better exposure to the emergency and make them realize our motto “WE DARE TO CARE” treating critically ill patients

Objectives for Postgraduate Teaching

  • To manage all types of clinical emergencies including Toxicology, trauma, OBG & BURNS
  • To update and practice evidence based medicine and follow protocols for timely patient care.
  • To spread knowledge & train faculty in BLS, ACLS & ATLS

Objectives for Undergraduate Teaching

  • To identify all clinical emergencies and initiate timely management.
  • To learn and practice all basic resuscitative practices like BLS, ACLS, ATLS & basic procedures needed for life saving.


Name Designation
Dr. M R Kulkarni Professor & HOD
Dr. A L Chandrasekhar Professor
Dr. Sai Pradeep S Professor
Dr. Kranthi Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Ramesh M Assistant Professor
Dr. Rajesh K Assistant Professor
Dr. S Prakash Babu Senior Resident
Dr.Dhananjay B Senior Resident
Dr. Sai Krishna C PG Cum Junior Resident – III
Dr. G Sai Kiran Reddy PG Cum Junior Resident – III
Dr. Befin Kezhson PG Cum Junior Resident – II
Dr. Irshad Ahmed PG Cum Junior Resident – II
Dr. Ravitheja K PG Cum Junior Resident – I