• To make  the  department  of  Medicine  an exemplary model of academic  excellence  and  to  provide  optimum care  at  minimal cost.


  • To enable and empower every Medical student to practice the art & science of General Medicine.
  • To provide superior quality, evidence based holistic health care services to the patients.

Undergraduate Goals & Objectives


The broad goal is to acquire the knowledge, skills and behavioral attributes to function effectively, as the first contact physician.


At the end of the course the student shall be able to

  1. Diagnose and manage common clinical disorders among adults & geriatric patients with special reference to infectious diseases and nutritional disorders, tropical and environmental diseases.
  1. Provide first level management of acute emergencies promptly and efficiently and decide the timing and level of referral, if required.

Post Graduate Goals & Objectives


The goal of MD (Gen. Med) course is to produce a astute consultant physician who is aware of the contemporary advances and developments in medical sciences.


At the end of the MD course in Gen. Medicine, the student should be able to

  1. Diagnose medical illnesses clinically, investigate appropriately, provide holistic humane care and counsel regarding prevention.
  2. Develop skills as a self-directed lifelong learner, use technology to update oneself and to practice evidence-based medicine


Name Designation
Dr. Y.J.Visweswara Reddy MD Prof & HoD
Dr. Srinivasa Rao MD Professor
Dr. Prabhakar.B.R. MD Professor
Dr. Raghu.J. MD Professor
Dr. Nagaraj.N. MD Assoc. Prof
Dr. Prabhu Gnanasekharan Assoc. Prof
Dr. Ravi Kumar MD Asst. Prof
Dr. Sanjay Reddy MD Asst. Prof
Dr. Irshad Ali MD Asst. Prof
Dr. G Radhakrishna MD Asst. Prof
Dr. N.Karthik MD Asst. Prof
Dr. Uma K V MD Asst. Prof
Dr. Srinivas C MD Asst. Prof
Dr. R.Lakshmi Visruja MD Asst. Prof
Dr. Chennappan MD Asst. Prof
Dr. Srinath Reddy.K.B. Senior Resident
Dr. Manjuantha.G. Senior Resident
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Senior Resident
Dr. Jayanth.C. Senior Resident
Dr. Reddeppa.M.B Senior Resident
Dr.Manoj Kumar.C. Senior Resident
Dr.Lakshmi Raghavendra.P. PG – Res-III
Dr.M.Pavan Kumar Reddy PG – Res-III
Dr. T.Manasa PG – Res-III
Dr. Arpita.C. PG – Res-III
Dr.Harish Sagar.K. PG – Res-III
Dr. Harshavardhan A PG – Res-III
Dr. Kalyan.B. PG – Res-III
Dr. Rohit.B.G. PG – Res-III
Dr. P.Akshay Chowdary PG – Res-II
Dr. Afsar Fathima PG – Res-II
Dr. Poola Sriharika PG – Res-II
Dr. Mahesh Naidu B PG – Res-II
Dr.K.Manohar PG – Res-II
Dr. Dheeraj Kumar A PG – Res-II
Dr. Karthik andela PG – Res-II
Dr. Venkatesh Potru PG – Res-II
Dr. Sappa Naresh PG – Res-II
Dr.M.Sai Sarath Reddy PG – Res-I
Dr.S.Jagadeeswar PG – Res-I
Dr.Revathi.J. PG – Res-I
Dr.P.Sreedevi PG – Res-I
Dr.P.Harshitha Reddy PG – Res-I
Dr.Sethuram.K. PG – Res-I
Dr.M.Sai Hanuman Kumar PG – Res-I
Dr. Satya Sandeep Saladi PG – Res-I
Dr. U.Kalyan PG – Res-I