To become a centre of excellence for ENT care and provide a student and patient friendly environment and to instill the accountability of clinical and analytical knowledge to achieve academic excellence for students and faculty.


To provide affordable, scientific, ethical and high quality ENT care services to all. To assist the paramedical and nursing colleges with their educational research goals.

Post Graduate Teaching


To prepare competent ENT care specialists


  • To provide the latest skills to treat ENT problems
  • To be a competent teacher and trainer for under graduate students.

Under Graduate  Teaching


To prepare them to function as effective primary health care physicians


  • To identify and image common ENT problems
  • To effectively apply their knowledge towards early diagnosis and better ENT care
  • To enlighten in ENT academically and clinically as to excel in national and
  • International levels


Name Designation
Dr. Byra Reddy.G.N. Prof & HoD
Dr. Ashok Murthy Professor
Dr. Paventhan K Asst.Prof
Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Senior Resident
Dr. K. Spandana Jr. Res-III
Dr. Jagannadham Madhuri Jr. Res-III
Dr. Arun Chandra Babu.K. Jr. Res-III
Dr. Ektha.C.N. Jr. Res-II
Dr. D.Indraneel Reddy Jr. Res-II
Dr.Sri Ramdas Swathi Jr. Res-II
Dr.N.Sindhuja Jr. Res-I
Dr. V.Swetha Jr. Res-I
Dr. Mohammed Khais T K Jr. Res-I