To emerge as preferred child health care provider in the tristate region through quality, safety and reliability.


  1. To educate the resident in the entire breadth of the discipline of pediatrics and to foster a lifelong commitment to the promotion of children’s health care.
  2. Acquire cognitive knowledge, technical skills, and interpersonal skills.
  3. Firmly committed to helping each resident recognize their full academic, clinical, and personal potential within an intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive environment.
  4. To provide, affordable, scientific, ethical and high quality, tertiary child health care services to all.

Postgraduate Teaching


  1. To provide educational experiences in the diversified field of paediatrics in an intellectual environment conducive to learning the exemplary practices of paediatrics.
  2. Strive to have an appropriate balance between structured educational activities including didactic lectures and clinical learning and patient care responsibilities.
  3. Helping the residents to develop their interpersonal skills and participate in ethical decision making.
  4. Working with the health care team, which includes social service, child life, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, psychology and nutritional service is emphasized.


  1. Gathering essential and accurate information about the patient using the clinical skills like medical interviewing, physical examination, diagnostic studies and developmental assessment.
  2. Making informed diagnostic and therapeutic decisions based to the patient information, current scientific evidence and clinical judgment with use of effective and appropriate clinical problem solving skills. To understand the limits of one’s knowledge and expertise and to use consultant’s and referrals appropriately.
  3. Developing and carrying out patient care management plans
  4. Prescribing and performing competently all medical procedures considered essential for the scope of practice.
  5. Counseling patients and families to take measures needed to enhance or maintain health and prevent disease. By encouraging them to participate actively in prevention and the management of disease.
  6. Providing effective health care services and anticipatory guidance.
  7. Using information technology to optimize patient care.
  8. Residents must demonstrate commitment to carry our professional responsibilities adherence to ethical principles and sensitivity to diversity.
  9. Residents must practice quality health care and advocate for patients in health care.
  10. Promotion of Resident teaching activities like Undergraduate teachers and clinical training skills.

Undergraduate Teaching


Our goals are to train under graduates who are competent in the practice of pediatrics by identifying common childhood problems and also presenting them.


  1. To provide an excellent clinical experience in the management of pediatric patients of all ages with broad spectrum of illness.
  2. To train undergraduates in immediate recognition and treatment of common pediatric illness as well as life threatening emergencies
  3. To facilitate good working relationships with colleagues and consultant.
  4. To provide opportunities for undergraduates to acquire skills in oral presentation, medical writing and research designs.
  5. Rotatory Internship is done for duration of 1 month and during rotation there are learning objectives educational resources and evaluation.
  6. To communicate effectively with children and their families.


Name Designation
Dr.Naidu V Rajendra Prof & HoD
Dr. M.N. Anand Babu Professor
Dr. Chandra Sekhar.M.A. Assoc. Prof
Dr.Nagendra K Assoc. Prof
Dr. R.Chandrakala Assoc. Prof
Dr. Haricharan K R Assoc. Prof
Dr. Nandhitha.G Asst. Prof
Dr. Sushma Rai Asst. Prof
Dr. Harsha .P.J. Asst. Prof
Dr. Kesam Reddy Swetha Asst. Prof
Dr. Roop Kumar C Senior Resident
Dr. Avinash Senior Resident
Dr. Rajendra.T.M. Senior Resident
Dr. J.Keerthi Vardhan Jr. Res-III
Dr. Punith.S. Jr. Res-II
Dr. Gopi Reddy Sravya Jr. Res-I
Dr. Shaik Jareena Jr. Res-I
Dr.Gowtham.R. Jr. Res-I
Dr. L. Naveen Kumar Jr. Res-I